Dragon Quest IX World Map v2 Final

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies

Hello guys! After many days of struggle going through problem in life like all of you did at least once in your life time… So I’m back with a lot of good news and more update on Dragon Quest IX World Map! Includes 6 locations that I forgot and didn’t add.  And I will update TTDS faster so you guy don’t have to wait for it and enjoy the game you want more~

Anyway… This post is about my release of Dragon Quest World Map v2 with 18 new locations that wasn’t included in previous version!

|Name: dq9wmfv
|Version: 2.0
|Editor: Darkspirit456
|Special Thanks to:
|There are 18 new locations in this update! There are:
|-Hexagon 2 and 3
|-Tower of Nod
|-Lonely Coast
|-Cringle Coast
|-Khalag Coast
|-Ondor Cliff
|-The Magmaroo
|-Starflight Express-Tree
|-Pluvi Isle
|-Old school *NEW*
|-The Plumbed Depths *NEW*
|-Second Mythril Ore location
|-Metal Slime location
|-Liquid Metal Slime location
|-Metal Medley location
|-Metal King Slime location
|email: thanhlesacto@hotmail.com
|msn: thanhlesacto@hotmail.com
|aim: ubber5113

Well, this will be a farewell to my Dragon Quest IX world map… I worked for couple of weeks to add locations, skim through misspelling and etc… And this version 2.0 is my final version which doesn’t mean the map is complete, I know there are couple of locations I don’t know and many locations that are not in there. So, this will be my final version and I will stop editing the map from now on and this map will be for public. Anyone who would like to finish this map then go for it and finish this map! And remember to credit everyone who contributed into this map~ 😀

I hope you guy enjoy this map as well with Dragon Quest IX~

  1. Kai says:

    Hey there, I found your map incredibly useful 😀
    I’m a hobbyist web designer, and I’m wanting to build an interactive alchemy map app, coded in Javascript and using the JQuery library.
    If you’ll let me use your map as a data source for it, then I’ll of course provide full credit. The app will be hosted on my site (I wouldn’t bother visiting atm, it’s been badly neglected and is soon to be completely rebuilt from ground-up), and if WordPress supports custom HTML embeds, then you can host it here too if you wish. Preferably, if some actual Dragon Quest fansites want to host it, I’d like to let them do so too.
    That’s all assuming, of course, the app actually gets finished. I’m not making any promises (pretty certain the code shouldn’t be too tricky, but other priorities may force this onto the shelf), it’s just a project I’d like to try and figured I should make sure it’s OK with you before I go ahead with anything.

    ~ Kai

  2. Kai says:

    Yay, thanks! Heh, it’s already been delayed. Was going to do it entirely in Javascript, but decided to hold back on it until I’m done learning PHP/MySQL. Which will make it REALLY snazzy, all hooked up to a big database to pull all the info from. But currently I’m a complete noob at those languages, so it’s delayed until I’m done learning ’em xD
    This way, I can tie it all into an extended DQIX project I’m planning, which will be awesome if all goes well.

    I’ll keep you posted 😉

    ~ Kai

  3. I want to know exactly what Rudolph has to say with that 😀


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