Pokemon Official English Version 2

Posted: October 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

New version of my patch biggrin.gif This download includes both version~


-Included New Logo!
-Fixed Black version union room! (Thanks to Rudolph)
-Fixed for DSTT for compatible!
-Now included savlib.info from pong+retro!

Download Here:

Coming Soon!

DSTT Fix Download Here:

Direct Link



Kaarosu and KazoWAR for Official English Patch v1
Pong and Retro for v6.31 info+ext!
Rudolph for Union room fix!

  1. Meeces2911 says:

    Hi, i tried this on a clean white rom, and im still getting the errcode=-5. I have a real dstt, with the latest happydone.com firmware, but with updated .dat files. (yours and the ones downloaded from filetrip, neither work). (the filetrip dat files, i’ve used ttds.exe to edit the id codes, to stop the -4 error)

    • Meeces2911 says:

      Ah, nevermind me, i just had a thought when typing the earlier message, and i just tried YSmenu, and it works. (so must be bad old firmware) Thanks for the patch 😀

  2. Mokona says:

    Nice job dude. A lot of anonymous guys (and my girlfriend) are your followers from GBATemp. Just continue your job, U R DOING IT WRIGTH

  3. r!ku says:

    well it works but the new pokemon that i capture cant go on random wifi 😦

  4. SotoSaki says:

    Neither link is working for me.
    The direct link downloads a .part file to my desktop and the Mediafire doesn’t download anything at all.
    Firefox says the downloads have completed but the files aren’t anywhere ever after searching with a C: drive scan.

  5. XVO says:

    First of all I want to thank you spending time on this program.
    It work very well, but… I’ve noticed that after playing for almost 2 hours the game started to be complete Japanese again. As stuped as I am, I saved the game and rebooted my DSL. Checked the rom again, but it was still full Japanese.

    Then again, I think you are putting a lot of time in this project so keep on the good work.


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