What will the new DropHere.bat look like?

Posted: October 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

Well as the tittle said it! What is new in the next patcher for Pokemon Official English Version 3? Well, DropHere.bat will have something new… That’s a mini menu! WOOT! I worked for about 2~3 hours to make it work perfectly, it was frustrating as some ASCII text doesn’t work well with command prompt… Yeah its suck…

Well, it took me a while to get the right ASCII text for the patcher ^.^ The menu will have another test run and testing everything so it can be perfect before official version 3 release 🙂 Well I will show you guy some screenshot of the new menu and patcher 😛 Hope you guy like it ^.^ *Menu will changes over time if I think of new ideas to add in 😉 So picture will update when I’m done with new menu.)


*Updated* 10/8/10 10:40 PM v1.0 menu for Pokemon B/W 😉

I need more suggestion from you guys! Please leave me a comment on what to put in the menu to make it easier to use or more helpful in any kind of way 😉

  1. Lars says:

    could you pleeeeeeease make a fifa 11 patch?

  2. Jamop says:

    You sir are my hero. Us DSTT folks have gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to B/W. But your keeping us going. And for that I thank you. As for this patcher, It looks just fine. As long as it gets the job done I aint complaining. But if I had to give an idea. A way to see how much of the patching is done would be kinda cool. Like by percent. Sometimes patchers tend to freeze up. (Even though I have never had a problem with yours). And it’s nice to know if the patch fully..uhh..patched. But yeah I don’t know how difficult that would be to do, being i’m not that bright with this stuff, but it would be convenient.

    • For the percent rate… that cannot be done, but I will try to find a way to get it, that would be nice if the percentage bar is in there ^.^ But I won’t guarantee that it will be in there =/

  3. Lars says:

    Could you please answer my request for a FIFA 11 patch? It would be veeery Nice

  4. Lars says:

    And where do Pong and and retro post their fixes?

  5. They will post it on filetrip, but I will post update here ASAP when they release it 😉

  6. Lars says:

    Aah, it Will be like à big title when i enter your website? Like all THE other topics? So, if i want to be up2date with dstt kernel/fixes i only have to keep on checkin’ your page?

  7. Jamop says:

    So are you still going to release the next version on GBAtemp only? I’d like to know so I can go ahead and sign up lol.

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