Pokemon Official English Patch Version 3

Posted: October 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

Official english patch version 3 is finally release! Thanks to Kaarosu and KazoWAR and other contributors!

Here is for DSTT Fix, included encrypted IDs to boot and bypass AP blah blah blah. New mini menu for DropHere.bat is include, also ext+info added for Pokemon ranger and Kingdom hearts ReCode! Enjoy~

Download here:


  1. r!ku says:

    can i go with the pokemon i cath on random wifi??

  2. lew says:

    The read me file says to copy everything in the English folder on to the sd card. Is this referring to the patched rom or the folder labeled “Pokemon B.W. English Patcher”?

  3. SotoSaki says:

    I love you. Thank you so much for this.

  4. lew says:

    I tried changing the name of my first save that was on an un-patched rom but it wouldn’t read it. I still want to play on an r4 but using my old save with the new patch. The NDS converter says that it changes the file to other formats, but i want to keep it the way it is or is there more to it?. Sorry if I am asking to many questions

  5. Mokonayoshi says:

    Nice work!
    You’re on the top of the TTDS man! Seriously!

  6. XVO says:

    First of all I want to thank you spending time on this program.
    It work very well, but… I’ve noticed that after playing for almost 2 hours the game started to be complete Japanese again. As stuped as I am, I saved the game and rebooted my DSL. Checked the rom again, but it was still full Japanese.
    I also posted this masage to in the other board from version 2. Later on I found out that you have released version 3. So I putted a clean game dump to that one so it has the english translation dump.
    Unfortunetly the game stays in Full Japanese, Like the items suddenly in japanese, the moves and the pokedex.

    Then again, I think you are putting a lot of time in this project so keep on the good work.


  7. Drou326 says:

    I appreciate what you do for us, but I still get the errcode=-5… I’m using YSMenu and I tried Cheking/Uncheking the 2nd box (soft reset?) and it doesn’t work… Do you have an answer to that error? Thanks.

    • Drou326 says:

      Sorry for double post but I played it on my emulator and the names of the pokemons are ??????????? .. is it normal? … They were ok with v2…

      • Drou326 says:

        Triple wow! I guess it was because I was using my old save, because the game crashed when I fought a wild pokemon… I guess I’ll start back from the start… I wasn’t really far anyway.

  8. Jamop says:

    Good job as always.

  9. Snoozle says:

    Could you possibly give me some idea as to what I’m doing wrong/missing with the patching? I’m using a DSTT with TTMENU and continually get the -4 error:

    1. Replace the current infolib, savlib and extinfo.dat with the ones in DAT V3.1 Merged folder
    2. Drag Pokémon Black ROM (ID B39DB08A) into DropHere.bat
    3. Choose option 1 to patch with Black v3 (Created file ID 44483E75)
    4. Copy newly created file to SD card + attempt to load on DSTT
    5. Error -4 appears

    I then tried following some other instructions to edit the infolib and extinfo.dat replacing the entries for pokémon with my new ID 44483E75, and instead I get error code -5.

    Am I missing one simple step that is causing these problems?

  10. Snoozle says:

    I’m not using the YSMenu, but I thought that it still used the same core files as the TTMenu so any problems with games would be the same between the two.

    I guess it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try though.

  11. fron says:

    union room doesn’t work for me.. any fixes guys?

  12. Jamop says:

    God, I hope you work on a patch for super scribblenauts. You are like the only person left that keeps the dstt ticking. The only reason I stick with it is because I have some sort of rare version called dstt-adv . My buddy ordered it for me. When I looked for it myself to see the specs I was like. “where the hell did she find this thing?” I have yet to find a place to get these or any info on it for that matter. It’s just like the other dstt carts except it’s design. It’s black and the sd slot is on the side. I just love having something not many others have for some reason. I can’t let it go. Anyway, as long as you keep making fixes and patches. I’ll keep on supporting and advertising you. BTW where is the best place to see your latest work? I don’t want to have to keep posting on outdated things that you no longer read.

  13. Snoozle says:

    Still no luck getting the game to work on my TTDS card, I’ve tried 5 or more different guides and each one that has provided a fix for other people has not worked for me.

    I’m now currently running The 1.17a12 w/ YSMenu + the latest extinfo, infolib and savlib.dat files.

    The closest I’ve come to having anything work was getting the double white screens on load, which I achieved through encrypting/decrypting and applying the translation and AP patches separately, otherwise I just get the -5 error.

    Anyone else got any steps to follow? It’s coming up to 3 days of trial and error and I’m beginning to think that it’s not even worth the trouble any more.

  14. Hasugo says:

    Thank you very much for your help. Just one question though, is the GTS suppose to work or not? I remember when I first started playing I traded the minezumi for a smugleaf and now its giving me an error code. Is there a patch for the GTS or am I being too greedy? :3 Thanks again.

  15. bulldog453 says:

    Thank you so much dude it worked on my r4 sdhc upgrade.

  16. Inspritis says:

    I get errcode 5 how do i fix?

  17. Kenge says:

    I’ve gotten the patch and patched my game. When I try using my old save file with the game (I’ve renamed it so that it’s the same as the NDS), I still have everything in Japanese. However, when I start a new game, it’s translated like it’s supposed to be. Why is this? I’m using acekard 2i with akaio 1.8.

  18. wew says:

    i don’t get any exp.is there a exp fix?

  19. yab1998 says:

    HELP ME!!! I’m really glad you helped all us DSTT owners, but my DSTT is not cooperating. I’ve tried about every patch out there including yours but my DSTT always shows rom errcode=4 or 5. I have 1.17a12 and all new of your exo and info files. Please help me!

  20. Rainake says:

    Hi, i’ve tried every step like described and i’m still getting the errcode=-5. Does anyone know how to fix this? I’m using an R4 Upgrade SDHC.

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