Pokemon Official English v4

Posted: October 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

Version 4 is out! Every week a new version is released so enjoy this version and enjoy v5 next weekend I hope ^.^


My version has Black Union Room fixed 😉

Download Here:


*Please post ONLY the link I provided here! And DO NOT RE-UPLOAD to anywhere else! But you can share my link to anyone, post in any forum! Just remember, DO NOT get the official link and DO NOT RE-upload it! Or else I will remove my link immediately*

  1. Inspritis says:

    Um could someone plz help me. I get the errcode 4 problem

  2. Crig says:

    Thanks a lot mate.

  3. r!ku says:

    we dont need a new infolib for this??

  4. DarkKnight says:

    Can you please tell me how much in precentage is translated about?

    Thank you for the great job everything works fine easy setup.

    keep up the good work

  5. Snoozle says:

    Holy Balls Mahoney, I finally got it working!

    Thankyou for the latest patch v4, I’ve never experienced this much effort in getting a game to run, so I’m hoping that it’s all worth it!

  6. bism000 says:

    Hello, I also get error code 4 when trying to boot on my dstt

  7. bism000 says:

    nevermind got it working now ^,^ thanks

    • Inspritis says:

      how’d you fix it?

      • Jamop says:

        Download the previous patch. (v3). Drag the files – extinfo, infolib, and savlib into your ttmenu folder. These files are replacements for older files on the card so do the ol “replace all” option. Don’t use the patch that came with them though. Just use the v4 patch here. (which you probably already used anyway)

        If you have already done this and you still get an error then I would download the YSmenu for your card. That’s what I have and it works 100%. Ysmenu, patching the rom, and replacing the ext-infolib files are the only steps you should have to take. Now if you have a rom that was already patched with V3 and patched it with V4 then you NEED to get a clean rom and patch it with V4 only. If you still have an error after all of that then a shot in the dark would be to update your entire card with the latest files: http://filetrip.net/f21915-Updated-TTDS-6-321.html and/or try patching a totally different rom of black/white.

        Phew. You can’t say I didn’t try to help.

  8. Inspritis says:

    Thank you so much, Jamop

  9. bism000 says:

    yep thats exactly what I did. infolib etc files copied from old patch then ysmenu 🙂 thanks to darkspirit for making patch. looking forward to further updates.

  10. yab1998 says:

    DID everything three times over, mine starts show nintendo then goes black, nothing help me meanwhile ill try this dstt v6 thats supposed to work

  11. yab1998 says:

    No scratch that I’m still getting errcode 5 and 4 on ysmenu so i took it off i like my dstt but i would play on no$gba but i have a netbook which cant really handle the graphics of that game.

  12. Jatrick says:

    Stupid Question here, as a newcomer to this whole DSTT/fourm thing, I am confused

    In all of these fourms I see “get the new update from “pong + retro” with no link what-so-ever. Now, I “attempted” to look up what/who the eff “pong + retro” is and am coming up blank.

    So…can anybody help me in my search for “pong + retro” and his/her/their/it’s ellusive updates?

  13. Jatrick says:

    P.S. worked like a charm!

  14. yab1998 says:

    I need help please

  15. Rainake says:

    Can’t get it to work. Followed every step like described above and first i had errcode=-5 and now i’m getting errcode=-4…

  16. sephiroth says:

    i need some help. my game is stalling on the loading screen and i have already changed the soft reset settings.thnx

  17. yab1998 says:


  18. sephiroth says:

    @yab1998 just download the latest version of ysmenu =)

  19. sauronmx says:

    Well i get the game working thanks to your advice, i put the files from update 3 and then patch a clean pokemon black rom with patch 4 and work perfect , just i defeat first gym , get badge , then i talk to the people upstairs in pokemon center and two of them told me that spike eared pichu isnt allowed, the fun thing is that i dont own a spike eared pichu, what happen?, could you help me plz?

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