Golden Sun: Dark Dawn DSTT Update!

Posted: October 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hey guys! Guess what?! Rudolph released an update for Golden Sun Japanese version!

Well I don’t want you guy to read all of this but to play GS right now! Is an awesome game! I’m loving this game right now! WOOOT!  Enjoy!

Download Here:

Fileserve This include 10-25-10 official cheat database!

  1. Mokonayoshi says:

    Wow! My girlfriend gonna love it!
    I just gonna await for the next pokemon update.
    Nice work!

  2. hohohodaho says:

    do you have a download link for the rom?

  3. Sorry but I do not host or post rom links here

  4. DeltaBladeX says:

    Cool, I guess. I’ll wait for the English release and hope that gets working under the DSTT software quickly. A must buy title for me, but being in New Zealand means I have to wait until some time next year for the release. Bah.

  5. amberrei says:

    …I think I love you, just a bit.

  6. Lucifer Kaizer says:

    does the dstt update support all the current games? or just this game only? i noticed it mentioned it is for japan kernel…does that affect the english kernel? thanks in advance

    • DeltaBladeX says:

      DSTT does not support all current games. It is pretty much a dead card, unsupported by the creators and relying on fans for updates, which only come slowly and not for all games.

      As for this update fixing the English version, it is unlikely. I would expect at the very least the change in language will result in the English version of the game needing to added, and there is always the possibility of new AP code to make things harder.

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