Golden Sun: Dark Dawn English (No Dialogue)

Posted: October 31, 2010 in Uncategorized

Thanks to Barubary for mention msg_field.dat1 is English file and you can replace the Japanese files! So I did and it became English, and there are 3 more files I added in from …data\data\msg. And many more from different location 😉 So not all will be translated, only some Menu, Encyclopedia, Names, Locations, etc…

Here are some screenshots!

Download Version 1.2 Here!

Download Here

  1. DeltaBladeX says:

    Onward! It is translating.

    Yeah, still going to wait for a proper English release. Also, quick question. Is the current DSTT software based on the v6.322 release or previous version?

  2. Mokonayoshi says:

    You’re saying, the original game “have” an “original” english file?
    Anyway, i download and see what is this about

  3. Sherryplus says:

    Slap Psynergy :P!

  4. Manuel says:

    Can you make a new patch but with everything translated?
    The English version is dumped, doesn’t work on DSTT and retrogamefan has apparently quit for real this this time.
    The Japanese version works with TTMenu v6.39. It’s either a text swap or wait if retrogamefan decides to fix it.

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