New page added!

Posted: November 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

Look on top and you will see a page call “Mario vs. Donkey Kong”! Its for my level that I uploaded and you guy can share your too! Visit the page for more information! Have fun! Remember to download and rate mine 😉

  1. FireGrey says:

    Hey, when u gonna add v6 patch?
    I love your patcher!

    • Yeah, soon… And this was on my delay list because people don’t know how to respect other people…

      <<< Look at my note you will see why…

      • Plusi says:

        I don’t want to be rude or anything, but here’s an idea: why don’t you make a patcher that needs the official patch and the rom? That way you don’t need to update it so often: every time a version is out, users will (for example) drop the patch into the patcher and then the rom or something.

        And thanks so much for the patcher anyway! If it wasn’t for you I’d be still stuck at translation v2.

      • That’s won’t work, with the official release I have to repatch it with xdelta to make it work… So yeah… But will try to make official patch file work with my patch 🙂

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