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Hello guys! After many days of struggle going through problem in life like all of you did at least once in your life time… So I’m back with a lot of good news and more update on Dragon Quest IX World Map! Includes 6 locations that I forgot and didn’t add.  And I will update TTDS faster so you guy don’t have to wait for it and enjoy the game you want more~


My big update of Dragon Quest World Map! This is v1.5 which covered all cities and all the major areas of the map and dungeons! All contributions are still welcome, I need as much help as I can, my goal is to complete this map without any mistake like spelling, missed a location, etc… So I still need your help to make this map better! This is the reason why I release my map so fast, because is for you guy to see how far did I get and help me on parts that I did not get. I want to finish this map fast and strong to meet my perfection and your as well!


It has been a long day… I got all cities and major area of the continent done, now it come down to dungeons and other places. It was hard the first time but now is so easy 😀 I was expecting to finish this in 2~3 weeks but now I will release v1.5 (Include all cities and major areas) by sometime next week! And complete this in about a week but will keep it up-to-date for any mistake. Enjoy the game guys!



Hello guys after many days of busy trying to catch up with Dragon Quest IX because I don’t have enough free time. Now I do, so I’m starting my own Dragon Quest IX world map with town locations and other! Map is now up! v1


Please follow this link to my post for the latest and final version of my map!

Hey guys,

Dragon Quest IX has leaked! This amazing game has been leaked and many has their hands on it right now! Why don’t you?! 😀 Sorry but I have to say this… I do not host rom for anyone! Comment will be remove and/or comment will be disable for that post under 3 warnings! But I do make drop rom here patch for you guys to make everything easier and faster! That’s all for now, have fun guys!